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Information & Requirements

  • WS Form PRO

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Create customizable products using the extensive capabilities of WS Form PRO

WS Form PRO is a powerful form development plugin for WordPress. This WooCommerce extension allows you to add any form built using WS Form PRO to a product. You can use this add-on to request additional information about a product before it is added to the cart.

Examples of using this extension include:

  • Interactive product customization
  • Complex price calculations
  • Donation or ‘name your price’ products
  • File uploads
  • Customer signatures

Some of the key features of this extension include:

  • A fully integrated solution that fits seamlessly into your product pages
  • Use any WS Form PRO field type
  • Create dynamic product pricing by using the WS Form e-commerce field types with real-time price updates
  • Customize the position of ‘Add to Cart’, ‘Quantity’ and other WooCommerce product page elements in your form
  • Customize the WooCommerce ‘Add to Cart’ button and price format
  • Conditional logic
  • Multi-tab forms
  • Run WS Form actions when an order is placed (e.g. Send a product customization to a Slack channel, or run a WordPress hook)

Adding a form to a WooCommerce product is easy! Simply click on the WS Form tab under ‘Product data’ when editing a form and select your published form from the list.

Create product customizations that dovetail seamlessly into your website.

Create multi-step product customizations using all of the features available in WS Form PRO!

View a demo of the WS Form Product Add-Ons extension

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