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Information & Requirements

  • WordPress 5+
  • WooCommerce 3.6+
  • PHP 5.6+

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“Assistant” is a WooCommerce store management extension that aims to reduce manual work by automating several routine tasks. With a simple set of rules, it can schedule sales, tweak prices, run clearance events – all completely unattended.

Start using the WooCommerce Assistant and free your time to focus on what matters most!

A use case

  • I want to sell off last year’s models, get rid of their stock to make room in the warehouse for new products.
  • I do not want to lose too much money, so I’d like to set the discount price only on the 10 remaining items of each product.
  • I have quite a few such products. Watching the stock status of each and adjusting prices manually will take a lot of my time.

With the WooCommerce Assistant:

  • I set up a Rule in the “Low Stock Clearance” Workflow.
  • Now, when the stock of a product that matches the conditions goes low, Assistant automatically adjusts its sale price.

How it works

The WooCommerce Assistant comes with a set of automation scenarios, the Workflows.

Each workflow is triggered by a specific WooCommerce event, such as “order completed”, or by the WordPress scheduler, to run on a daily basis.

Workflows consist of one or more Rules. Rules define settings specific to the workflow and provide product selection criteria.

What’s in the box

These are the WooCommerce Assistant workflows that you can start using immediately after the extension is activated:

“Introductory Offers”

End the sales promotion after a certain number of purchases.

Only the first N buyers will see the discount price. Once the specified number of orders has been placed, the “Sale Price” product field is automatically cleared. The product is shown with the regular price.

You can repeat this “limited time offer” any time on any product.

  • Read the detailed explanation and step-by-step instructions here.

“Low Stock Clearance”

Get rid of aging stock by holding inventory clear-out offers.

For products that cannot be back-ordered, automatically set the X% discount when the stock amount reaches the low threshold.

  • See the “How-to” article on this page.

“End the Sales Event”

The sale prices of the selected products will be automatically cleared on the specified date.

You set a variety of discount prices for any number of products and want to keep them on sale for the next few days. When the time comes, the WooCommerce Assistant will remove all discounts automatically.

  • More details…

Coming soon

More workflows are planned for future releases:

  • Low-sales Teaser: when some products do not have sales for a long time, tweak their prices.
  • Progressive Discounts: a variation of the Low Stock Clearance where the discount percent gradually increases depending on the stock amount.
  • Promo Shuffler: place a random set of products on sale every day (week).
  • Sale Scheduler: an extended version of the WooCommerce’s per-product sale price schedule. Offers a “bulk” schedule: by category, tag, price range, etc., starting on a certain date, running for a specified time and optionally repeating (each Saturday, every 3 months, on each second Monday, and so on).
  • Calendar of Sales: set up a calendar of holidays and special days. Put the products on sale on holidays, on Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Boxing Day, Back to School, etc.
  • User-oriented workflows: put items on sale based on the history of purchases (preferred categories, the amount spent, number of orders, and so on).

… and more!

Talk to us and share your ideas on how we can ease your store management procedures.

  • Read more details in the WooCommerce Assistant Documentation.

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