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You have a WooCommerce store, and you’re getting orders…

If your products are ‘set and forget’ and guaranteed error-proof during order processing, then congratulations! But if you live in the real world, and sometimes errors are made after you receive orders and these errors cost you time and money.

Worse, what if there is critical information about products, suppliers or delivery that is required to process orders correctly, and you are the only one who knows the rules? If you can’t share information with others, you can’t delegate. This might slow business growth and stop you from ever taking a holiday!

After The Order is a WooCommerce plugin to help you record critical order processing notes and avoid errors. Start using it today, so you can make every team member an expert in order management!

Imagine A Better Way to Manage Orders

What happens when you get all of your order management knowledge out of your head and into a system?

The system delivers the right information to the right person at the right time.

  • Fewer Errors – Use the power of checklists to avoid making known errors.
  • Better Customer Service – Process orders accurately and consistently to improve customer service.
  • More Profit – Use cross sells more effectively to increase per-order profitability.

What Does The Plugin Do?

After The Order makes it easy to set up order management notes that are emailed to the store manager when an order is received.

Store Wide Notes

Set up notes you want to be included as a reminder for EVERY order.

Product Notes

Set up notes you want to be included as a reminder when SPECIFIC WooCommerce products are part of an order.

Email Integration

When a customer orders that product, the order notification email includes the relevant store and product notes, so they can be used as a checklist.

Dashboard Integration

Whenever an order is reviewed in the WooCommerce dashboard, the relevant store and product notes are displayed.

Adding order notes to your products within WooCommerce.Add store-wide fulfilment notes for your warehouse team.Order notes added to the WooCommerce emails.Order notes shown on your WooCommerce order management dashboard.

Reducing Errors

Errors cost money, time and reputation. Avoiding errors in managing your orders is one of the most efficient ways of boosting the profitability of your WooCommerce store.

Using checklists and reminder notes to reduce errors isn’t new – After The Order lets you apply this simple and effective method to reducing errors in your one store.

Improving Customer Service

Great customer service is built around speed, accuracy and consistency. When it comes to order management, you can improve your customer service using tools like After The Order.

Increasing Profit

Receiving a new order can be a great opportunity to suggest a cross sell and increase the overall profit generated by the initial order.

Help effective cross-selling by using product specific notes that highlight complementary products or services, and what steps to take next.

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