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Increase purchases and spends with personalized prices

Personalization is a key conversion factor that’s proven to show results: Research says that 44% of consumers become repeat buyers after a personalized shopping experience. Setting dynamic prices for customers makes them feel special and increases the chances they’ll make a purchase.

The WISDM Customer Specific Pricing plugin makes it easy for you to set specialized prices in bulk, create flat rate or percentage discount rules for multiple products or categories, and create cart discounts. 

Set prices per customer

Award individual customers or a specific group or user role with discounts by setting exclusive prices for your products. Earn recurring revenue and grow customer loyalty. 

Create cart discounts

Set tiered discounts for products in a cart based on the cart value. Coax customers into increasing purchase quantity or buying more products for better savings.

Import prices in bulk

With WISDM Customer Specific Pricing, there’s no need to edit personalized prices per product — there’s an option to import prices in bulk and set prices for different categories.


  • Fixed prices or percentage discounts: Set flat prices or percentage discounts for different customers, user roles, or groups
  • Dynamic cart discounts: Create cart discount rules based on order values. Restrict discounts by setting a maximum discount value and excluding certain users, roles, products, or categories
  • Import/Export bulk pricing data: Save time by automatically setting prices for customers, user roles, or groups by exporting/importing pricing data through a CSV file. Set prices by Product ID or SKU. 
  • Sale price badge: Alert customers immediately to the savings they earn by striking through the actual price and showing them their discounted price.
  • Tiered pricing: Set discounts based on product quantities. For example, you can create a BOGO (buy one, get one free) offer by offering two products for the price of one.
  • Custom message on cart page: Display a custom message on the cart page to let buyers know when additional purchases will trigger a discount.
  • Multi-site compatible: The plugin works flawlessly on WordPress multisite, making life easy for website administrators.
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