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Optimize your cart and reduce abandonment with a ‘save for later’ option.

Adding products to a cart — and then removing them — are the most common actions performed by online shoppers. But what if shoppers with second thoughts could save their favorite products instead of removing them from their carts entirely? It helps buyers and stores: buyers don’t have to repeat every step of the browsing and purchasing process to buy their items, and store owners can increase their sales, since the items won’t drop completely out of sight.

Online shoppers add and remove products all the time. They may want to purchase all the items, but when they realize they’re going over budget, they remove or abandon products from their cart page. The removed products get lost, so if shoppers want to purchase the same product they have to repeat the entire process — it irks shoppers, who ultimately ignore the product entirely. Save Cart Later makes shoppers and admin merrier! Shoppers can easily save their cart products for later purchase, and store owners can capture more sales.

Save Cart Later lets WooCommerce store owners provide save cart later functionality to their customers. It optimizes carts by creating a separate section within the cart page for saved products that buyers want to purchase later. It even works with guest users: store admins can offer a “save cart” options to guests for a specified length of time (days, weeks, months, or years).

Store owners can offer a one-click save option product-wise or category-wise, and decide which products are excluded from the save-for-later feature.


  • Optimizes cart page for better usability.
  • Shoppers don’t need to search and add products to their cart repeatedly.
  • Removed products don’t disappear from customers’ view.
  • Provides a convenient shopping experience.
  • Improves your brand identity and conversion rates.


  • Save carts for later: Store owners can give shoppers the ability to save their cart products within the cart page for future purchases.
  • Authorizes guest user selection: Store owners can decide whether they want to offer a “save cart” choice to guest users or not, and specify t the time the selected item for a later buy can be visible on the cart page.
  • Fully-customizable “Save Cart Later” button: Customize the save cart button — color, text color, and content — to match your brand.
  • Filter by product or category: Store owners can specify which products and categories display the “save cart” button.
  • Exclude by product: Store owners can also select the products that won’t display a save cart later button.

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