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Help potential customers to find your business and products by including your information in schema markup with the rich snippets plugin for WooCommerce. The tool helps you provide business details to appear in local searches and transcend in searches with business contact details. You can include your business logo, breadcrumbs, video, etc. in Google snippets.

You can enable showing product attributes in rich snippets like product price, ratings, and reviews, stock statuses, etc. With carousel schema, you can promote selected products, services, and images. Ease work for uses with a search bar to help them find a product of their interest. The schema markup also includes articles, events, and recipes to maximize user engagement and click-through rate.

Key Features of Rich Snippets WordPress Plugin

  • Make your business appear in local searches
  • Show business and contact details in search engines
  • Add product attributes to search schema
  • Set up the schema tag for the home page
  • Allow specific products and images to appear in a carousel
  • Include breadcrumbs, logo, social profiles in SERPs
  • Embed videos in the structured markup language
  • Enable search box schema for a quick look around
  • Highlight articles, events, and recipes using the creative carousel

Note: Rich Snippets takes minimum 3 to 12 weeks to appear in search results as it depends on Google. Source

Appear in Local Business Searches  

You can enter additional business details to get exposure in local searches and reach out to your target audiences. For this, you can add business name, address, city, state, phone number, URL, and image. This helps users to quickly find your location and different ways to contact you before visiting your website.

Show Contact Details in Search Engines

Add your business details and display them on search engine result pages. Here, you can acquire the spotlight for your business URL, telephone, contact type and option, area served, and other details.

Display Breadcrumbs in SERPs

You can enable the display of breadcrumbs to make sure the users easily find the product location and understand the category structure. This improves the click-through rate and user experience in navigating the website.

Configure Home Page Schema

The plugin allows you to configure home page schema separately against a specific query input to display the home page to users searching for it. Add your website URL, heading and description, author name, publisher, and target search to home page schema.

Project Specific Products and Images in Carousel

You can use the carousel schema to signify specific products, images, and CMS pages of your online store in search engines. Add an unlimited number of URLs to create an innovative carousel to attract and engage potential customers.

Add Logo to Structured Markup Language

In addition to other business details, you can share your logo to search engine users by including it in the structured markup language. Insert the logo by pasting the image URL or uploading its file.

Reveal Your Social Profiles in Schema

Highlight social profiles by enabling their schema and showcasing them in search engines along with other business details. Gain social exposure by sharing your profiles on prominent networks such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc.

Take your Video to Google Snippets

With the rich snippets plugin for WooCommerce, you can include your educational and promotional videos to Google snippets. You can set a title, description, thumbnail image, duration, publisher name, and logo, and content URL.

Exhibit Product Attributes in Google Searches

Display reviews, ratings, price, and other product attributes in addition to the URL and Meta description of a product page for a higher click-through rate. Educate your potential customers about a product before clicking the link.

Allow Users to Search your Website on SERPs

By enabling search schema, you can display a search box on search engine result pages. Users can find the product or service of their interest by using the box to save precious time. The box leads the visitors to your website.

Present your Articles and News in Rich Snippets

The plugin helps you highlight your store’s blog posts, articles, and news stories by including them in rich snippets. Spread the word about your business by presenting articles with headlines, URL, image, publication and modification date, author and publisher name, and a short description.

Brag about your Events in Google Snippets

The schema markup plugin for WooCommerce helps you push business events to search result pages. Let customers know what’s going on by providing the event name, start and end date, venue with complete address, price, images, URL, availability, performer, etc.

Share Recipes in Structured Markup Language

Grab customer attention by showing recipes in an intuitive carousel in Google Snippets. It displays recipes along with images, ratings, reviews, cooking and preparation time, and nutritional values.

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