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WooCommerce Request a Quote plugin empowers your customers to add products to a quote basket and ask for price estimations for the products they are interested in.

You can display the quote button on selected products and let customers add products to quote basket just like they add products to the cart and submit the quotation by filling a simple quote form. You can create multiple rules to show the quote button for selected user roles.

You can also hide prices and replace the “add to cart” button with the quote button. This feature comes in handy when you want to hide prices for wholesale, retailers and other B2B customers and force them to ask for quotations. Merchants can also provide competitive prices based on the customers’ requirements and order size.

WooCommerce Request a Quote extension provides a smooth way to deal with certain types of customers, orders, and products. Here are some examples where this plugin can be helpful,

B2B Sales:

The B2B prices depend on many factors like order quantity, product requirements, and delivery date. WooCommerce Request a Quote enables you to hide prices and add to cart button for B2B customer groups and force them to ask for a quote.

Personalized Products:

The merchants can force customers to ask for estimation for the products that do not have straight prices and needs to be quoted as per the requirements.

Features List of WooCommerce Request a Quote:

  • Create a complete quotation management system
  • Display “Add to Quote” on selected products
  • Show quote button for guests and selected user roles
  • Option to Replace “Add to Cart” with the new “Quote” button
  • Option to hide price and replace with custom text
  • Add multiple products to quote basked
  • Keep products in a mini quote basket just like a mini cart.
  • Customize Quote button text
  • Customize Quote form fields and make them mandatory or optional
  • Compatible with variations and product addons plugin
  • Automatic email notifications for admin & customers

A Complete Quotation System

This WooCommerce Quotation plugin provides a complete quote system where your customers can add multiple products to the quote basket and submit the quote form.

Mini Quote Basket:

Just like a mini cart, this extension adds a mini quote basket to let customers quickly review what they have added in their quote basket.

Quote Cart:

Just like your normal cart, this quote cart displays items added to the quote basket. Your customers can add, remove and change the product quantity while submitting the quote form.

Show Quote Button for Specific Products & User Roles:

Request a quote extension empowers you to enable the quote button for selected products and user roles. This helps merchants to optimize the visibility & user experience.

Enable Quote for Specific Products:

WooCommerce Request a Quote Extension empowers you to enable the quote button on specific products only. You can specify products individually or apply it to a whole category at once.

Enable Quote for Specific User Roles:

With this Request for Quote plugin, you can also choose to display the quote button for non-logged-in and specific user roles. Only the specified user roles will be able to add selected products to quote basket and ask for price estimations and for the rest, the store will function as it does before.

Customize Quote Form Fields:

You can customize fields’ labels, sorting order and make them mandatory or optional. You can also enable a file upload field and add captcha to avoid spam submissions.

Hide Price & Add to Cart Button:

You can choose to hide price and or add to cart button for the products where the quote button has been enabled. Hiding Add to cart & prices force the customers to request for price estimation.

Replace Price & Add to Cart with Custom Text:

This WooCommerce Quotation extension allows you to replace the price with custom text or link. You can add HTML to display any relevant information. Moreover, you can replace the add to cart button with a new customizable quote button.

Manage Quote Submissions from BackOffice:

You can view the submitted quote details from the backoffice which includes customer details, products, and the required quantity. These are the details that the customer has provided by filling the quote form.

Email Notifications for Admin & Customer:

As soon as a customer submits the quote form, an automatic email notification is sent to the admin. The email includes complete quotation details i.e. products name, quantity and other information that customer has provided via quote form. At the same time, another email notification is sent to the customer to inform that his/her quote has been successfully received. You can customize the email sent to customer from backoffice.

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