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Die nachfolgende Produktebeschreibung stammt von woocommerce.com.

Quick Order for WooCommerce is designed specifically for those eCommerce stores where buyers know exactly what they are looking for and need a very quick and easy way of submitting their orders. This makes it ideal for B2B eCommerce stores whose buyers are busy decision makers who cannot spend too much time browsing product through catalogs to find what they need. Such buyers need to be able to get on, order and move on, into their busy day.

Quick Orders for WooCommerce deploys a very simple search field to a location of your choice using a shortcode. Users are able to search for products by typing into the search box and being able to see matching results right below as they are typing. The search works with product titles, variations and SKUs. The results appear not just for products but also variations as well as thumbnails to make it easier for users to identify the products/variations they are looking for.

Users select the products they want, type in a quantity, see the calculated price and add the product to a temporary “bucket” right below the search field

A single click adds all products from the bucket, seamlessly into the cart and on-wards on to checkout.


The entire operation is supported by keyboard operations for users to be able to navigate through the UI efficiently and add their desired products to the cart quickly.

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