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Product Image Zoom plugin for WooCommerce is a 3 in1 image Zoom modifier that allows your customers to easily preview a magnified picture of your products from all angles. You can set hover to zoom option, enable lightbox feature, and add 360° rotating image so your customers can visually explore all your product features. This helps your product pages to become more engaging which directly compliments your store’s conversion rate. Moreover, product zoom plugin is optimized properly for desktop, mobile, and other handheld devices.

3 in 1 Image Zoom Options for WooCommerce

WooCommerce 3 in 1 Product Zoom Plugin comes with 3 image zoom options for your product images. Enabling the extension will automatically apply zoom options to your entire product catalog. However, from settings you can add exceptions to ignore certain products / categories that you wish to remain unchanged. Below are the 3 functionalities of Product Zoom Plugin.

  • Magnifier (Zoom on Hover)
  • Lightbox (Zoom on Click)
  • 360° Image
  • Magnifier Options:

    WooCommerce 3 in one product image zoom plugin comes with several useful options for your magnifier tools. You can easily modify image preview by enabling attractive magnifier types and adjust the dimensions of the box.

    Set a Magnifier Animation Type

    By selecting magnifier type you can choose among the various magnifier animations for zooming your product images. The types include basic, tint, zoom inside image, lens zoom, zoom outside image, fade, mouse wheel zoom, easing, and image constraint.

    Lightbox Options:

    Lightbox option allows customers to expand the product image without loading to new page on your store. This helps generate a great user experience on your store as customers can easily preview zoomed images without being redirected from the page. Once the customer clicks on the image, the lightbox will be activated.

    360° Image Zoom Option:

    With 360° rotation functionality you no longer have to depend on multiple angle shots. 360° rotate allows your customers to view the product from every single angle. This gives them the visual satisfaction they need to purchase your products. To use this feature, you need to add 360° product photography for your product catalog.

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