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MultilingualPress enables you to create a network of sites and run each language in a separate site, and connect the content in a lightweight user interface just like you want them to be.

Especially when your content gets more complex, WordPress should remain easy and intuitively usable.

That’s why we have created MultilingualPress on top of a powerful core feature of WordPress: Multisite. The same feature that powers millions of sites on

You’re probably asking, why is MultilingualPress the best plugin to use for multilingual websites?

Since MultilingualPress is using a different approach compared to the usual solutions, being based on Multisite, you have the following advantages:

  • You don’t have any performance issues, since we are only loading one language per site, instead of other solutions, which load all languages but only display one at the end. A huge performance issue!
  • MultilingualPress doesn’t change anything in WordPress-Core, so no need to fear updating your WordPress version and conflicts with other well written plugins.
  • With multisite you have complete flexibility! If you want each language can have a different design, different functions and plugins or separate settings regarding the currency, the taxes, the shipping, etc. No limitations!
  • Better performance -> better SEO. Also you can perfectly SEO optimize each language to your liking, which is limited with other multilingual solutions, since their main page is only in one language and some settings can only be done in that language.
  • In contrast to most other translation plugins there is no lock-in effect: When you disable our plugin, all sites
    will still work as separate sites without any data-loss or garbage output.
  • Take the advantage of a Multisite to configure some settings centrally, if you want. With a WordPress network, you can manage a few things on a multisite level: users, themes, plugins, and some settings can be managed across websites at once. It makes a complex website easier to maintain since you only have to manage some setting only once.

MultilingualPress enables in an unlimited number to connect various language content of your WordPress multisite website such as products, posts, pages, tags, categories etc..

Set a main language for each site, create relationships (connections), and start writing. You get a new field now to
create a linked post, page or product on all the connected sites automatically.They are accessible via the post/page/product editor screen – you can switch back and forth to translate them.Features

  • Create an unlimited number of related (language) sites.
  • Easy switch on product and page level, e.g. if you are viewing Product X in English, you can click on the Flag or “German” link to take you directly to the German version of Product X.
  • Choose from and customize (currently) 890 Languages.
  • Translate whatever post or term you like.
  • Translate both built-in and custom content types.
  • No lock-in effect = After deactivation:
    • all sites will still work (separately);
    • no data loss;
    • no garbage output.
  • SEO-friendly URLs & Permalinks.
  • Support for top-level domains per language (via multisite domain mapping).
  • Automatic hreflang support.
  • Support for custom post types.
  • Automatically redirect to the user’s preferred language version of a post.
  • Duplicate sites. Use one site as template for new a site and copy everything: Posts, attachments, settings for plugins
    and themes, navigation menus, categories, tags and custom taxonomies.
  • Synchronized trash: move all connected post to trash with one click.
  • Change relationships between translations or connect existing posts.
  • User specific language settings for the back-end. Every user can choose a preferred language for the user interface
    without affecting the output of the front-end.
  • PHP7 powered
  • Performance benchmarks you’ll love (Better performance -> Better SEO)
  • Future-proof, WordPress Core-based Architecture
  • Inline Docs & Developer Support

Not convinced yet? MultilingualPress is the only approved solution for WordPress VIP projects.

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