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Google Shopping Ads

Google Shopping Ads are the most effective way to advertise your Woo store and increase sales and revenue.

In a few simple steps, generate a fully optimized Google Shopping Ads campaign. Select what categories you want to advertise and we automatically generate smart Google Shopping feeds, automate bidding to maximize your return on advertising spend, and measure conversions and sales for your marketing.


  • Find more customers on Google when they are searching for your products.
  • Get the most out of your marketing through our automated bidding which maximizes sales for your marketing budget.
  • Keep your marketing and store in sync, ensuring you only market products that are in inventory and keeping the Google campaigns and Woo store in sync automatically.
  • Create perfect shopping campaigns in minutes using best practices to maximize effectiveness, including smart product feeds and advanced bidding by product.

How does it work?

  • Start building a campaign. No credit card necessary to build your marketing campaign.
  • Select the geographical location you want to target.
  • Select what store categories you want to advertise.
  • Select a budget.
  • Purchase your campaign and start marketing on Google Shopping
  • No long term contract, you can cancel at any time.

    Google Ads for WooCommerce is the easiest, lowest risk way to advertise your Woo store on Google Shopping and is brought to you by Kliken in collaboration with WooCommerce and Google, working together to bring you the best Google Ads experience fully integrated into your WooCommerce store, optimized to maximize your online sales.

    A special offer from Google to WooCommerce customers

    As a Google Partner, WooCommerce can now offer its customers a credit for advertising on Google. Spend $150 within 31 days and we’ll automatically top up your account with an additional $150 worth of advertising credit*. By advertising on Google, your ad will be displayed exactly when users search what you offer. You only pay when they visit your website. Start now and get targeted new visitors to your website today.


    We are here to help you. Please email us at [email protected] or call us Toll Free 877-474-8394 or +1-813-279-8888.


    How does billing work?
    Your Google Shopping campaign is billed monthly to help keep your product ads online. You will be billed the same amount each time for the package level you choose. This way you know the exact costs of your campaign each month.

    How do I cancel my subscription?
    The Google Shopping campaign is a contract free service. You can cancel your subscription at anytime from the Google Shopping app under the Manage section. When a campaign is cancelled, it will continue to run the remainder of the billed month, or until it has used the remaining Google Ads balance.

    What is the Kliken Fee?
    This is our monthly fee for creating, managing, and optimizing all aspects of your Google Shopping campaign.

    Terms & Conditions

    * Valid only for new Kliken customers. Promotional codes have no promotional value and entry of the promotional code serves only to begin your qualification for the associated promotional credit. To earn the promotional credit, start advertising! The advertising costs you accrue in this account in the 31 days following the start of your campaign will be matched with advertising credit in the same amount, up to a maximum value of $150. Your account must be successfully billed by Kliken and remain in good standing in order to qualify for the promotional credit. The promotional credit will be applied within approximately 5 days after the 31st day of starting your campaign, as long as you’ve activated your account using the promotional code and fulfilled all requirements stated in the offer. For the complete terms and conditions, click here.

    Please be aware that Automattic and our partners Sitewit/Kliken and Google have access to business metrics for each user so that we can optimize each account. This data includes views, clicks, conversions, cost per click, cost, and revenue.

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