Featured Listing for Product Vendors

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Information & Requirements

  • WooCommerce
  • Product Vendors

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Being a part of a multi-vendor marketplace means more competitors and a fewer opportunities to make a sale. Featured Listing for Product Vendors gives vendors the ability to highlight product in a “featured” section of your marketplace. Marketplace admins set the price of inclusion in the “featured” section and the length of time products will be displayed there, and vendors can choose which products to boost.

Vendors can use the Feature Listing extension to increase visibility for specific products for a specific time/campaign by paying a rate specified by the marketplace. Vendors pay separately for each individual product they want to highlight, so they can decide exactly which items to highlight when.


  • For marketplace admins
    • Creates a bond with vendors.
    • Encourages more vendors join multi-vendor marketplaces.
    • Admins retain full control over what is featured.
  • For vendors
    • Makes products visible in a competitive marketplace
    • Provides an enhanced opportunity to earn more and spread brand awareness.
    • Increases communication marketplace admins.
  • Features

    • Offer paid listings: Featured Listing for Product Vendors allows marketplace admins to offer the option of the paid listings to all their eCommerce marketplace vendors.
    • Set pricing and duration: Marketplace admins can specify the fee for inclusion as a featured listing and the length of time products appear in that section.
    • Restrict number of listings: Marketplace admins can set the number of products that will appear in a featured product section at any one time.
    • One-click purchase for vendors: eCommerce vendors can purchase a paid listing option with a single click with the “Pay Now” button on their edit product page.

    Note: For Implementing the functionalities of “Featured Listing For Product Vendors” you’re required to have “Product Vendor”.

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