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Finally! Give customers the ability to filter bookable products on the shop page.

Booking Filters for WooCommerce is an extension of the WooCommerce Bookings plugin that adds search filtration functionality for bookable products, letting visitors find what they want, quickly by filtering bookable products based on availability and other relevant attributes.

WooCommerce Bookings can handle a very wide variety of booking, rental and reservation based scenarios for single merchants as well as multi vendor stores. For customers however, finding bookable products from a large catalog is an even bigger challenge than it is on store with regular products. Booking Filters for WooCommerce solves that problem!

This extension introduces several types of filters that you can enable on your bookable product shops, chief among them being the availability filter which allows your customers to filter bookable products or slots based on the dates and times that match their own availability.

Key Features 

Site administrators can create filters based on the following attributes:

  • Search type
  • Start and end dates/times
  • Prices
  • Rating
  • Keyword search

The plugin also allows you to write your own CSS classes to make the filters work seamlessly with the rest of your brand experience on the front end.

Two ways to run availability filter

The availability filter is the biggest challenge that this plugin tackles. This plugin there provides two distinct ways of finding available bookable products to cover a wide array of booking use cases. These are:

Exact Search

When enabled, this method will ask customers to define their availability using start and end date/time. Based on the customers input, it will find bookable products that available for the entire duration of the defined date/time range. The most common use case for this is finding hotels on a hotel booking site based on your travel dates.

Fuzzy Search

When enabled, this method will ask customers to define their availability using start and end date/time. Here the system will find any products that have at least 1 slot available within the defined range. A common use case of this is when you go looking for a spa treatment on a spa provider marketplace and you can take any 1 hour slot during the week after your work hours.

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