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Advanced Flat Rate Shipping Method for WooCommerce is a full-featured plugin for all your flat-rate shipping needs. Create shipping methods and with different shipping rules. Offer multiple flat-rate shipping methods and with unlimited conditional shipping rules. Charge flat rates enable free shipping for any location, product, cart or user-specific conditions — or multiple conditions.

Using this plugin, you can apply rules related to the country, state, postal code, zone, product, category, tag, SKU, product variation, user, quantity, user role, cart subtotal before discount, coupon, weight, cart subtotal after discount, shipping class, etc. to your methods. Apply one rule, or select multiple conditions that an order needs to satify.

Here’s what you can do using Advanced Flat Rate Shipping Method:

  • Enable free shipping for your store or under particular conditions
  • Specify shipping zones for commonly-used locations
  • Create shipping methods for specific geographic locations
  • Create shipping methods for specific product specifications – product name, weight, SKU, and more
  • Create shipping methods for specific user names and user roles
  • Create shipping methods for specific cart-specific conditions – quantity, cart subtotal, and more
  • Combine rules for totally custom shipping methods 

Advanced shipping price rules

Let’s say a store wants to charge different shipping rates for different categories of product — $2 for t-shirts, $5 for groceries, and $7 for appliances category. And these rules only apply to deliveries in New York City where the cart subtotal is below $500.

With advanced shipping price rules are those conditions, the store can apply multiple rules with multiple shipping fees. advanced rules support conditions based on:

  • Product name
  • Category name
  • Total quantity in cart
  • Product weight
  • Category weight 
  • Cart weight 

You can also specify the following for your shipping methods:

  • Shipping price
  • Duration for which your shipping method is valid
  • Tooltip description to show on hover
  • Shipping charges ($0 for free shipping)
  • Taxability status (whether the shipping price is taxable or not)
  • Estimated delivery time

There are 6 types of conditional operators available to apply here:

  • Equal to (=)
  • Not equal to (! =)
  • Less than (<)
  • Less than or equal to (< =)
  • Greater than (>)
  • Greater than or equal to (> =)

Note: Some of these operators are disabled for some types of rules because all operators cannot be applied for all rules.

Master Settings

When you create multiple flat rate shipping methods for your WooCommerce shop, you run the risk of conflicting conditions. To avoid this issue, use the Master Settings to specify which shipping method should apply in these cases:

  • Minimum shipping charges
  • Maximum shipping charges
  • Buyer’s choice
  • Force all the shipping methods on the plugin

To configure master settings, check the main plugin page – below the list of existing shipping methods.

Custom shipping zones

WooCommerce store owners generally have to apply multiple rules to the same set of locations. For example, you might want a free shipping rule for a certain set of cities and a flat-rate shipping charge for a certain set of countries. Normally, you’d have to add each of these locations separately to each rule, but custom shipping zones streamlines this process. Create custom zones that include multiple locations.

For countries

Add one or more countries to your shipping zone, and re-use the set of countries by adding the shipping zone to your shipping methods.

Advanced Flat Rate Shipping benefits

  • Charge flexible flat-rate pricing for your store
  • Enable free shipping 
  • Add as many restrictions and conditions as you need
  • Create custom zones to speed up your admin work
  • Works perfectly with WPML
  • Get customization services if required

Table of available conditions and FAQ

Note: These conditions can be applied alone as well as in groups. When used in combination (i.e. when multiple rules are applied to one method), there will be a collective effect on the overall flat-rate rule.

How does this plugin improve sales?

  • Free shipping and run sales drive more buyers towards your shop.
  • Charge flexible flat rates for different conditions keep customers satisfied. 
  • Avoid the hassle of custom plugin development. Start selling — and earning — right now.

Why should we offer free shipping to some customers?

Free shipping for all your buyers isn’t practical, especially when you’re shopping in multiple countries. But for local customers, it’s a great way to increase sales — unsurprisingly, more than 90% of people prefer buying from the stores offering free shipping for their location. Using the advanced flat rate shipping plugin for WooCommerce, you can easily apply free shipping to certain locations.

Why offer discounts to customers buying in bulk?

A discount when someone buys products worth more than $1000, a discount when someone buys more than two items of one product type, a discount when a buyer orders a dozen t-shirts – these are all common bulk shipping discounts, used to attract buyers and encourage them to spend more. If a customer has $900 worth of items in their cart and sees that you’re offering free shipping for $1000+ purchases, they’ll probably look for other possible purchases.

Our plugin enables your shop to charge flat-rate amount for shipping and apply advanced rules related to it, so offering discounts becomes hassle-free.

Maintenance and support 

If you feel stuck while trying to enable or configure this plugin for your WooCommerce store after the purchase, just contact us! You can reach out to us for customization requests.

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